John B. Venable Building and Remodeling
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Why Choose John B. Venable?

I have over thirty years direct experience in the building industry. I am a carpenter by trade with fourteen years experience building custom homes of all sizes and shapes. I also have a vocational education in the field of carpentry, which along with my experience, makes me well qualified to perform any building and remodeling task upon your home. I am also experienced in dealing with the various sub contractors necessary to complete your project. In essence, I know each step of the home building process and therefore understand the necessary steps needed to repair or remodel your home.

I employ only qualified technicians to do your work. Each is not only required to be proficient in their field, but are also required to be courteous to you, the customer. We at John B. Venable Building & Remodeling are eager to offer you the finest quality workmanship and service available in the area. Go ahead. Put thirty years experience to work for you. You'll be glad you did.