John B. Venable Building and Remodeling

Philosophy of Building

Buildings should have both good design and structural integrity. And good building procedures implement both. In new construction where architectural prints are use, this is normally not an issue since the architect is trained to design with both form and function in mind.

It is my desire as contractor to have you remember me favorably in five or ten years

However, in the typical home improvement project, there is a high likelihood that an architect will not be used. In this case it is very important to use a contractor that understands the importance of good design and mechanics.

This is where I excel above the majority of my competitors. For instance, it is my philosophy that an addition should never look like an addition. It should look like a natural part of the existing home or business. The same could be said about any repair or updating done in the house or business. It should look natural for that particular building. (Address training, skills here)

It is also important that your addition or other improvement function well. Such things as traffic patterns and lifestyle must be considered. Therefore it is the duty of the contractor to inquire of these things in order to make the best possible design for your family.

The mechanics of a structure are very important. Good mechanics will make for a project which will require less maintenance. Poor design shows itself immediately. However poor mechanics shows itself long after the contractor has left the project. However it will invoke the name of the contractor. (Address training, skills here)

It is my desire as contractor to have you remember me favorably in five or ten years when you look at the project I have done for you. If the mechanics are poor you will remember me in an unfavorable way. I plan on being in business ten years from now. Your favorable recommendation will be as important then as it is now. Therefore I will strive to use the best methods possible for your project. This includes using my thirty years experience along with span charts and up to date procedures to insure the longevity of your project.

A Note About Details

It is the details that promote longevity and keep maintenance to a minimum. For example, today, it is accepted practice that moldings do not have to fit together without a crack. After all, it is said, you can caulk it and it is just as good. This is unacceptable and here is the reason. Caulking has a tendency to crack. When it does it attracts dust which clings to the exposed caulk. This is unsightly and causes premature re-caulking and painting. In other words, more maintenance. If the molding is fitted properly, there will be much less tendency to crack, your paint job will last longer, and your maintenance bills will be less too. Plus you won't have to explain the eyesore to those guests you are entertaining. This is just one of the many ideas that I implement in order to make your project one of lasting quality and beauty.